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I may have slipped

I’ve been beating myself up for over a week now. I promised I wouldn’t falter from my resolutions, I broke that promise to myself. I’ve drank to much and have not exercised as much as planned.

It’s one thing to beat yourself up over a slip, it’s another thing to dwell on it.  The days I beat myself up for slipping are never good days. I have a hard time doing my job, because instead of focusing on the task at hand I am in my head. My job is very information based and when clients ask me questions I really need to be sharp.

Yesterday morning I re-calibrated my thought pattern, I need to think positively and redirect myself towards something less dark.  So I got up and worked out and honestly that set the mood for the day! I could feel the energy surging through my body! I felt better at work, I was focused and excited to talk to clients.

This morning Luke and I woke up to see we got a bit of a snow dump.  For our workout this morning we decided to be snow angels and shoveled not only our front walk but the walk of four neighbors as well. What a work out shoveling is!

Here’s to another day, stay positive and keep working towards bettering yourself, even if you slip!

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I don’t like the gym, I went there and felt anxious and annoyed. I couldn’t find room to do any floor work that wasn’t in front of people pumping iron and staring at themselves. Anyone else think the gym is over-rated? There are so many ways of getting in shape without spending time surrounded by people you don’t know, in a place that smells of sweat (and tears). When I was in college I loved going to the gym but maybe because I am not looking to make new friends or impress anyone, it is not for me anymore. 

I still did a good job of working out last week. I downloaded a fitness for women app that has a lot of different workouts to follow called “7M workout“.  The bummer is that I didn’t lose any weight at all. I actually gained 2 lbs.  Luke (my hubby) keeps encouraging me to not give up. So I will pull up my big girl panties and keep at er. 

Here’s to another week. 

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Day 1….A New Chapter

Today I made a conscious decision to change how I’ve been living. I’ve been living as if I am not getting older and it’s to late to change. That is not the case. I am getting older, I feel it in my body and my mind. I’ve decided today is the day to start living differently and it all comes down to changing routine and habits. I am getting my first gym membership in years which is exciting because I remember loving to work out. 

I have always been an early riser, but I’ve been wasting my mornings watching HGTV or the news but I am changing that. I will get up a little earlier so that I can walk my dogs and then head to the gym. I know this change will be difficult at first but after a week I will feel the difference. 

I’ve been struggling with depression the last couple of months, there has been a lot happening in my life that effects me and I tend to lean towards the negative. By making this conscious decision I already felt lighter, I have nothing to really complain about. I have a good life and I need to start taking advantage of that.

So here’s to day 1 of a new chapter. Can’t wait to share my journey.