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Outdoor living

I used to camp…A LOT. In canada for those of you who don’t know, the parks here book up like nobody’s business. You have to book almost a year in advance to secure a spot. I moved to the west side of Canada in 2012 and haven’t done much camping. The strange thing about that is that it’s the perfect place to get away. We have mountains and lakes and even the ocean if you wanted to venture a 4 hour trip.

Luke and I moved to the Okanagan December 2017 because we wanted to spend more time outdoors. We’ve been so busy with life, jobs and whatnot that we’ve had little time to do what we came here for.

The Okanagan was just deemed number one wine destination in the world FYI.

So we are looking for a tent trailer. I drive a 2010 Kia Sportage, which I drove across country (a three day trip) pulling a U-Haul. I thought since I did that there’d be no problem getting a tent trailer and pulling that. Apparently I am wrong. My little SUV can only pull 1500 lbs. those trailers weigh around 1400. If you add the propane and gear I’d be over my towing capacity.

We own a tent and I have no problem “roughing” it. But the thought of having all your gear in one place just waiting to be hooked up to go is appealing.

Next thought is, what if we trade in one of our vehicles for a pop up van. I’ve actually always wanted one. Especially a Volkswagen. They’re expensive but would be cool to own.

Anyway…the plan this summer is to get outside WAY more. I’m on the lookout for kayaks also. When you live in places surrounded by nature you really can’t pass up the opportunities to “live” in it. Even if it’s for a weekend.

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Stay Classy San Diego

In this post I will step away from discussing the deeper things, to talk about the mini trip I took to San Diego. I love being able to re-calibrate and recharge by taking short inexpensive trips. Luke had to go down for a conference, so I thought I’d tag along. The hotel room is covered so all I had to pay for was flight and food.

San Diego:

San Diego as Ron Burgundy clearly states “is the greatest city of mankind, discovered by the Germans in 1904” haha! To be fair though, it is a pretty cool city. Since Luke had to work, I spent day one at Balboa park. This is a must see place, the architecture alone is spectacular. There are quite a few museums in the area including the art museum, museum of man, natural history museum, botanical gardens, and Spanish village art center (see pictures below).

Day two was a chill day! I sat outside facing the harbor and watched boats go by and read. Oh I forgot to mention the restaurant day one which was the Blind Burro! Amazing authentic Mexican food and margaritas! I was in heaven.

We ate at Blue Point the second night and had the seafood tower and lobster rolls. All of which was delicious. For getting around you can take an Uber anywhere for a good price. Our favorite mode of transportation however was the electric scooters. (Click here for a short video of my first ride). They are set up like Uber or Lyft in the way of being able to find one via GPS, and unlock it with a scan of the QR code. It was only one dollar to start and 15 cents/minute to continue.  With this mode of transportation we were able to go through the Gaslamp district, all the way up to Little Italy. What an incredible way to get around with no emissions,  no traffic jams and at your fingertips! 

The restaurant night three was Civico1845. The servers were very knowledgeable and pleasant. I had the ravioli all’aragosta, which was so delicious. They also have an amazing vegan menu. The picture of the wine above was from this spot. So many lovely things to see and do in San Diego. The people are nice and the restaurants are pretty swell. I would highly recommend if you’ve never been to check it out! Thank you for listening!

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Last year in my 30’s

I turned 39 on the 28th. Age has never really bothered me before, but the whole week leading up to my birthday I became very aware that I would be older. I went through a small bout of depression thinking about when I was 20, I had all these plans of what I would achieve before 40. I have achieved some of these goals but not all of them. Maybe that is unrealistic, but nevertheless it all kind of hit me like a bag of bricks. I am lucky because my husband and sisters helped me get over my funk with silly antic-dotes and jokes. They helped me stop overthinking and just be OK with getting older! It is not a bad thing! This next decade will be pretty exciting I decided.

I was off work for my birthday, which is not something that happens often when you work in retail. The depression had passed and I woke up feeling thankful and happy. I snuggled on the couch with the pups and watched a movie first thing, and then took them on a nice long walk. It was pretty crisp out but the sun was shinning so I didn’t mind the cold. Our winters here in Kelowna are probably some of the mildest in the country, there is cloud cover which keeps it warm but then we don’t see a ton of sun.

After our walk I decided to practice for the upcoming Art Battle. This event is awesome, they travel to cities all over the world to host them. I am one of 12 artists who are competing for a final spot. We all paint for 20 minutes, and when the time is up, hands up and walk away allowing for the crowd to determine who goes to the next round. There are three rounds of this. So, I wanted to see what I could do in 20 minutes, here are the results.

That evening Luke and I went to the Waterfront Cafe and had a lovely meal with a great bottle of Brezeme 2014. After dinner we went next door to this French bistro to have an aperitif. They have this amazing cognac that you can’t buy anywhere but Quebec or France. If you ever have a chance to have a sip of this , it’ll blow you away.

So that sums up my 39th birthday. Here’s to another year….my last year in my 30’s!

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