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Outdoor living

I used to camp…A LOT. In canada for those of you who don’t know, the parks here book up like nobody’s business. You have to book almost a year in advance to secure a spot. I moved to the west side of Canada in 2012 and haven’t done much camping. The strange thing about that is that it’s the perfect place to get away. We have mountains and lakes and even the ocean if you wanted to venture a 4 hour trip.

Luke and I moved to the Okanagan December 2017 because we wanted to spend more time outdoors. We’ve been so busy with life, jobs and whatnot that we’ve had little time to do what we came here for.

The Okanagan was just deemed number one wine destination in the world FYI.

So we are looking for a tent trailer. I drive a 2010 Kia Sportage, which I drove across country (a three day trip) pulling a U-Haul. I thought since I did that there’d be no problem getting a tent trailer and pulling that. Apparently I am wrong. My little SUV can only pull 1500 lbs. those trailers weigh around 1400. If you add the propane and gear I’d be over my towing capacity.

We own a tent and I have no problem “roughing” it. But the thought of having all your gear in one place just waiting to be hooked up to go is appealing.

Next thought is, what if we trade in one of our vehicles for a pop up van. I’ve actually always wanted one. Especially a Volkswagen. They’re expensive but would be cool to own.

Anyway…the plan this summer is to get outside WAY more. I’m on the lookout for kayaks also. When you live in places surrounded by nature you really can’t pass up the opportunities to “live” in it. Even if it’s for a weekend.

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Day 9 The plan

Luke and I had a cheat day on the weekend, bad idea because we both had reactions to the things we ate.  I’m pretty sure I react to mushrooms.  We are back on track now and although I gained weight due to the cheat, I’m down again this morning.

This week the introductory foods are bread, a new protein and new vegetable. We are gonna try tomatoes because we both love them but apparently they are very reactionary to many people.  As for the protein I think we will try beef or fish, haven’t decided yet. Salmon although full of nutrients is apparently very reactionary to many people, as are eggs.  The beauty of this testing system is things that you may think are good for you (and they are for many people) May react differently in your body.

Salmon for instance, some people will react to salmon being cooked but not in the form of sashimi.  When you cook protein it changes the molecules which can do different things to the digestive system.  Same as eggs, you may be fine with an over easy egg but react to it being boiled. It’s all quite interesting.

My goal this week is to drop another 4 pounds so I’ll keep going through the program (no cheats) and post again this weekend.  Happy hump day everyone.

Tested pork for dinner
Tested zucchini
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Day 4 of the plan

I gotta tell you that the amount of food prep is more than expected. And you make a lot of it too! Here we are on day four with a ton of leftovers. So we decided instead of making new food for today we will just eat what we’ve made already. The only new introductory food today is cheese!

Please, don’t let me react to cheese! Please, don’t let me react to cheese!

So far I am down 4.8 pounds, and Luke 5.2 and in only three days. Another change for me is that the rash I’ve had on my elbows for nearly all my adult life has gone away. It’s amazing to find out that gut health really does control many things.

Dinner day two introduced rice and dinner last night introduced chicken! I didn’t react to either! I had my first coffee in three days this morning. I could feel the caffeine through my veins right away. I did feel fatigued the last few days but the book says that’s fairly normal because your body is detoxing. Today my energy levels seem good. I’ll post in a couple of days with more progress!

Dinner day two
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