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Another month has come and gone

I can’t believe how quickly February went by. When you have plans and projects it feels as if there’s no time to complete them all. I do feel somewhat accomplished since we did get through quite a few of these to do’s, but the list is always growing. I finished a really cool large painting that Luke was able to frame in a very mid century look. We finished updating our stair railing, which took much longer than expected. We finished changing the electrical outlets to a white finish over the pink/beige look from the ‘90’s. We’ve refinished a table and reupholstered some chairs in the hopes of doing a quick flip, and the list goes on. It’s all good though, we like making things pretty again it’s just time consuming.

Updated two toned railing
Reupholstered chairs with new paint

Health plan

Luke and I have started working towards being much healthier. I’ve been good at working out daily and we also started the Dukan Diet. We tried “The Plan” last summer and although it was informative the meal planning was painful and the choices very limited.

The Dukan Diet starts out with an attack phase which we can do from 3-7 days. We’ve opted to do 5 days of this protein only phase. So no veggies or starch or dairy. I love vegetables so this may be challenging, but the point of this phase to remove excess water from your body. Vegetables and fruit along with sugar carry a lot of water. Anyway if all goes well we will be looking and feeling great soon.

Work work work

My career is going really well. I love what I do and am blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home. When I need a break I can start a new project or paint or whatever! These next couple of months will be really busy for Luke and I though, he’s got a convention in Vegas coming up soon. I’ve got a trip to Winnipeg at the end of the month. In April we both have multiple conventions to attend in Vancouver.

We don’t typically have to travel this much but I suppose it’s nice to get away from the home office now and then. Hopefully we can get some visits in with friends and family when we are in those towns.

Well that’s it for now, not much else going on at the moment. Thanks for checking in. Happy Monday.

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I was born on a year ending in 0, and that for some reason has a resonance with me. Probably because another decade has passed, but 2020 to me means a lot. I’m 40. This is a milestone, FORTY! I’ve lived a strange life, and because of that I feel immature in a lot of ways. I still struggle with figuring out who I am. Is that ridiculous? Maybe, maybe not. I mean, I know who I am but I don’t know why I sometimes do what I do, or behave how I behave.

Maybe it’s because I just turned 40 that I’m doing an assessment of my life. My life, in all fairness is great! I’m married to the most patient, understanding and caring man I could’ve asked for. I have an incredible job that allows me freedom to work from anywhere. I live in a home that we own. So there’s really nothing to complain about. The things I’m looking at are deeper, like why do I drink to much? Why do I not utilize my time better? I think I’ve been given so many gifts and am not utilizing them, almost like I’m kiboshing my own success because I feel I’m not worth it.

These are all the things that have been going through my head in the last 24 hours.

Making attainable changes

I’ve read a couple blogs recently about resolutions. People set these lofty goals on New Years and most give up by February. I can recommend setting smaller goals, goals that may take time to achieve but will lead up to a huge change over time.


What I’ve been doing over the last month is really focusing on small work outs. I don’t have a time of time to spend hours a day exercising, but what I can do is 30 minutes in the morning and when I have time throughout the day jump down and pound out some crunches or whatever.

I am still working towards my goal of not drinking throughout the week. I don’t know what it is about sales people, we all seem to drink more than most. It could be that our jobs are stressful, or that often when you meet with clients it’s over drinks, dinner etc. So…when I am not meeting with clients I don’t need to have a drink after work.

First post of the year

This is my first post this year and another focus of mine is to be brutally honest with myself and share my struggles and successes. The only way forward is up!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more!

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I spent Monday at the dentist which as usual left me feeling anxious and in pain. I have spent a lot of time at the dentist throughout my life and none of it was due to cavities, all due to bone and gum issues. It’s honestly very frustrating. Most of my issues are hereditary but I had some poor behaviours in my 20’s that didn’t help. I have another 5 or so appointments and I should be done! Because of this surgery this week is a recovery week.

The benefit to having a recovery week is I get to study for my new role. I start a new career on Monday and I am thrilled. As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been struggling with my current job because the market is so difficult to manage. My new role allows me to control where I go and how I approach potential clients. My new title is Western Canada Channel Account Manager. Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? I get to work from home for the majority of the time because of technology I can connect with clients remotely. I will have to travel from time to time which is also cool. I won’t be locked into one place just waiting for clients to come to me anymore.

This new beginning is a game changer for my husband and I. He works in the same field and also works remotely. We will be working Monday through Friday, be able to take vacations together easily. Can work from a campsite if we wanted too, as long as we have internet and phone connections.

I’ve never been one to settle, I’ve always pushed towards bettering my life. If a job doesn’t fit I persist until something better comes along. They say your 40’s are the money making years. So let’s go!