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What a whirlwind

We spent a crazy 96 hours traveling and visiting family last weekend.  Luke flew to Calgary Thursday morning, I took him to the airport. Then went to work for most of the day only to find that my flight had changed and had to leave an hour early. I get into Calgary around 7pm and we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants there and have a meal. Anejo is the name of the restaurant and if you ever visit Calgary it’s a must go kind of place.

Morning one

We wake up at 3 am to get ready for our international flight. To be honest I was not in the mood. Is anyone in the mood to wake up mid sleep to prepare for a journey…I think not.  Luke and I got up and showered and brushed our teeth. We both noticed the lack of water pressure in the hotel, which sucked because Luke was struggling with the soap in his beard. Frustrating to say the least. Anyway. We fly to Houston and had a layover there and then down to Corpus Christi. The weather wasn’t great but my whole family was there so it didn’t matter. We ate and drank and walked down to the beach it was lovely.

Morning two

Next day the house was stirring quite early, three toddlers and their moms and Luke and I since we always wake up early.  It was my sister’s graduation day so everyone who was going was bustling. The babies and mommies stayed back cause no one wants to deal with screaming babies during a ceremony. Luke and I were in charge of making dinner for everyone that night. Dinner for 18 may seem like a big to do but we had a plan. We headed to the store and grabbed everything we needed to make homemade enchiladas and corn to make Mexican street corn.

We spent most of the afternoon prepping and drinking beer and taking breaks to hang out with the kiddos.

The ceremony ended around 4:30 and everyone started coming back. Man was it ever crowded in that space. We had rented a 3 story 6 bedroom beach house for 4 days so everyone had a place to sleep. But the main living space was small and was getting more crowded by the minute.  Luckily we had everything ready to go so it was simply popping everything into the oven.

We spent the evening playing games and chatting and catching up!

Morning three

We were finally lucky to get some good weather and planned a day at the beach. But this was Mother’s Day so I wanted to make breakfast for everyone. We had flour and eggs and milk but no baking powder.

I googled a recipe that called for me to separate the egg whites from the yolks and whip them up until you saw peaks. I mixed everything else together and voilà fluffy soufflé type pancakes. Check out the recipe here. They were a hit!

After cleaning up we all packed and headed to the beach. Almost immediately we broke into team to do a sandcastle build competition. Between building the sand castles, taking breaks to swim and play frisbee it was a busy fun filled day. Luke ended up picking up a golf cart to make it easy for anyone who needed to go back to the house. It was used a lot, babies need naps and stuff.

We ended the evening with my brother and his girlfriend making dinner and watching Game of Thrones all together. (We are a family obsessed)! We said our goodbyes that evenings cause Luke and I had to be up at 3 am to drive to the airport and catch our flight to Houston.

Morning four

Another 3 am wake up ugh. We had slept maybe 3-4 hours and were exhausted.

I won’t bore with the details of the flights home but two connections and 12 hours later we were home. What a whirlwind trip.


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May flowers

May has arrived and I am excited for planting flowers. Every year we pull out all our pots and spend a Sunday going to greenery’s to select our plants. We’ve already planted our perennials in the front of the house. Daisy’s mostly. I love Daisy’s. Our herb garden has been planted as well but maybe a bit too early since the basil looks like it might not survive.

We have so much sun on our property that some plants didn’t survive the extreme heat. So we will have to be more selective this year. We had a massive elm tree in our front yard last year that had to come down due to the elm seed beetle problem we and our neighbors had. They were coming in by the thousands through light fixtures, walls and windows. So very happy that tree is gone. (Not something I would normally say!)

With the tree gone we have even more afternoon sun in the backyard. Last weekend we rearranged our backyard a bit. Since we are renting we have to ask permission usually but our landlord loves and trusts us so pretty much said “have at ‘er”.

We moved a bench swing that was sitting in a dark corner and never used. I wiped it down and washed the fabric and added some colourful throw pillows. It’s now in a spot that’s in the sun and can be used when we have gatherings. We’ve already had many people enjoying it, including the dogs! Luke built a beautiful table to go underneath the awning and all we need now are some wood chairs. I’m hoping to find four different chairs that can be painted to match and still be comfortable. Luke is also building a bench.

Ahhh spring! See some pictures below of the backyard and projects.

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More honesty (but a little lighter)

In my last blog I shared some pretty intimate details of my past. I re-read it and it came across quick and lifeless, even though it was extremely personal. I realized it could be the SEO that I use to help me since I’m still new to this writing thing. So I’ve decided to step back a little from the “rules” I’m being told on how to write.

So true story:

I have been struggling with sickness the last few months. Colds, stomach pains, lumps, headaches, you name it! It could be a combination of depression from my brothers passing, but also to not truly knowing my direction. It could also be that I am premenopausal! I am 39 years old and found out that this is a thing.

It could all somehow be related though. My step brother Chris was in my life from the time I was ten and he was about 3. Mind you I left living with the majority of my family at the age of 16 to move in with my dad. This lead to a disconnect from me and my siblings.

A little back story;

My mom (Mireille) and dad (Brooks) had 4 kids. Myself, Marieanne, Anthony and Michelle. My step dad (John) had Heidi, Celeste, John, Chris and Sue when we all became a family. My mom had Andre, Carmel, Jaime, Katrina and Aime while we all lived together. My dad had James and Adria before my mom. There are a few more to add to this mixed blended family but this was the family I was aware of at the time.

If that didn’t confuse you, you’re good! I still get lost especially with birthdays. I should know them all but I don’t. I know the months but again I moved away from most of the siblings when I was still young.

That was supposed to be just a little insight and turned into an ancestry post or something.  Anyway, there were many reasons I moved away, but one of my main reasons was I wanted my own space. Imagine sharing a room with 4 girls you’re whole life! I also wanted to finish high school in actual school.  I was home schooled from the time I was in third grade until 10th.

To be continued.

At this point I feel it might be getting long winded so i will pause for now. I will say that I felt much more like myself in writing this.  So the SEO thing can kiss my ass.  It may be good for “likes” or “followers” or whatever.  But I am here to share my story and journey and if my writing style is to passive or long winded I apologize.

Obviously there is more to tell…