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Random pairings

My husband and I decided to eat mostly vegetarian throughout the week, he is a talented cook and gets very creative with recipes.  He has an Instagram account called Profane Pantry where he showcases his cooking. The name profane pantry came from him swearing when he has a plan but is missing ingredients and has to find substitutes.  I told him he should start blogging about it because I feel a lot of home chefs have the same experiences.

Anyway, the other night he made falafel’s from scratch, homemade tzatziki and salad. Last night he made this killer (not completely authentic) black lentil dal based on the recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s blog and even though we didn’t have all the ingredients he rocked it.  I decided to pair it with a lovely bottle of Hommage Cotes Du Rhone.  This wine typically has sweet, sophisticated notes,  but after a spoonful of the dal all of these spice notes rose up creating a dance on the palate.  Delicious!

This wine is a blend of Syrah and Grenache and it is such a great affordable easy wine to drink, and pairs with nearly everything as I found out last night.  Most of the wine I buy is under $20 and this particular bottle was around $14. 

If you are looking for amazing meal ideas check out the cookbooks below. I recommend them! Happy Cooking….and don’t forget the wine.

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Relate-able things

I watched a movie called “Riding in cars with boys” recently. The overall premise is, a girl (played by Drew Barrymore) gets knocked up at the age of 15 in the 60’s and “ruins” her life. She doesn’t find anything positive about the situation. She blamed everyone in her life, her parents, her child, the father of her child. She never considered she may have fucked up and caused her own issues.

I’m not saying that having a baby young “ruins” your life. I know a lot of young moms who’ve owned it and became wonderful moms. The movie eludes to that statement.

The issue I had with this character was the blame game. She never took other peoples feelings into consideration. It was always about her. What they did to her, how what they did affected her. I honestly liked her rebellion at the beginning of the film, but then this thing of blaming everyone for her lack of success pissed me off.

It was an eye opener, especially because I’m older now and seeing it again I relate to everyone else and not her in this film. I remember feeling sorry for her, relating to her even. That yes she was a product of her situation and not the problem at all.

The thing I’m taking away from this rant is, you can’t blame everyone and everything in your life for how your life is. You are responsible to step up and change your circumstances, or just accept the “mistakes” you’ve made as yours and no one else’s. It’s a hard pill to swallow I’m sure, but owning it and learning from those mistakes instead of blaming, I think, is the point.

I have a lot of stories to tell and will find the strength to do so over time. Follow my blog to see it all unfold.

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New Years resolutions are in full swing again. Whatever your resolutions are, this could be a great way of hitting the reset button and really achieving life goals! The sad reality about this wonderfully positive thing is that many people try and then quit. Is it human nature to think goals are not attainable? Do we have to fight to make life changes a reality? I have fought with this my whole adult life. It’s like I mentioned in a previous post, we have an end goal in mind but don’t want to make the trip to get there. Maybe re-evaluating that end goal will help you make the trip more achievable. 

That being said, you and only you are accountable for holding yourself to achieving these goals. So how do you do this? What steps do you have to take to ensure you don’t “fall off the wagon” per se?

In another book I’m reading, “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis she talks about (and I am paraphrasing) “what if you had a friend that constantly made promises and never showed up, or quit when you trusted they’d be there for you on a project? You wouldn’t be friends with them for long would you? So why do we do this to ourselves all the time?”

We make these resolutions and then give up, or make excuses to justify why we quit. “Life got in the way”, “I’m too tired”, “I just can’t do it” or whatever we tell ourselves. If you learned to hold yourself accountable like you would a friend then you’d more than likely find success. Don’t ya think? 

I am taking this to heart this coming year, I have goals I have set for myself over and over again and just given up. I won’t be that friend you can’t trust anymore, I’ll be there and not give up. My resolutions are not monumental, so I just have to trust if I keep myself focused I will achieve them. 

Here’s to another year!

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